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"Anne Evans - A Pioneer in Colorado's Cultural History: The Things That Last When Gold is Gone" tells the extraordinary life story of Anne Evans (1871-1941), who was involved in the development of the Denver Art Museum, the Denver Public Library, the restoration of the Central City Opera House and the initiation of the Central City Summer Opera Festival. She contributed significantly to Mayor Robert Speer’s creation of Denver’s Civic Center. Her father was John Evans, Colorado’s second Territorial Governor, who founded the University of Denver - one of his many prodigious accomplishments. Anne Evans supported the development of Denver University’s art and theatre departments. She was also known for quietly helping many talented artists get the education and commissions they needed to succeed.

Anne Evans was one of a small Denver group who recognized that Native American art was worthy of being collected by connoisseurs and placed in art museums, on an equal level with the art of any other culture, Anne donated her own collections to the Denver Art Museum to establish its pioneer Native American Art Department.

Anne Evans - Pioneer in Colorado's Cultural History: The Things That Last When Gold is Gone
by Barbara Edwards Sternberg with Jennifer Boone and Evelyn Waldron

556 pages with index
ISBN 9780615383996

2012 Independent Publisher Book Awards, West-Mountain – Best Regional Non-Fiction

Item #034080