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Horizon Cherry
Klaus Bosch, aka Sandman, is the creator of Klaus's Rainbow-Vision Sandpictures. He handcrafts each one in his studio in Lustenau, Austria. The sandpicture is essentially air, sand, and water enclosed within two panes of glass and framed with wood. The water provides the medium for the sand to fall and an air barrier separates the sand from the water. Once the sand finds a weakness in the air barrier, it begins to flow downward creating mountains, valleys, hills, and dunes as it settles on the bottom of the sandpicture. Each time you invert the picture a new and unique formation is created. Viewing this process can be mesmerizing and very relaxing. Call it a stress reliever, a work of art, or a window into another world. A sandpicture will do several times a day what mother earth takes millions of years to accomplish. Horizon cherry is a plain, simple, and classic design which is stable and
self-standing. It is 10" x 6" x 1.5" with a smooth, lacquered wooden frame. Place it vertically or horizontally. Exclusively imported and distributed by Pitkin Stearns.


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