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This 92 page publication is profusely illustrated with overall images and numerous breathtaking details of some of the best late Qing dynasty robes, textiles and accessories in the Denver Art Museum collection. The book captures most of the objects that appeared in the stunning 2012 Denver Art Museum exhibition "Threads of Heaven: Silken Legacy of China's Last Dynasty," but, as its subtitle states, it is also a companion to "Qing Dynasty Textiles at the Denver Art Museum."

The introductory essay briefly discusses historical background as well as the formation of the Denver Art Museum's collection, particularly the important gift of over 600 objects collected by Charlotte Hill Grant while in China in the 1920s and 1930s and subsequently donated by her children James P. Grant and Betty Austin Grant.

The book is organized into sections that parallel those in the exhibition: The Dragon's Domain (court robes and textiles); Status Symbols (rank badges and other objects denoting the wearer status); The Language of Nature (informal robes whose motifs convey messages); Staying Warm and Keeping Cool; Pockets, Purses & Pouches; Extreme Dressing (for small feet, long nails, and the use of kingfisher feathers); In Vivid Detail (a very close up look at the imagery on three sets of sleeve bands); Chinese Opera & Theater (two large embroidered hangings and a robe and hat worn by a young man portraying a scholar); Continuing Traditions (a somewhat later embroidered hanging depicting the 80th birthday celebration of General Guo Ziyi); and, Connections with the West (an embroidered hanging - one of two in the collection - given by the Chinese Empire Reform Association to President McKinley.

Softcover 6" x 9" x 1"

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